Roman Gods

The Romans were a kleptocratic culture and superimposed their names on the Greek divinities. Refer back to the Greek gods for biographical bits on the following gods. (The Roman names are given first here.)


Saturn = Cronus

Cybele = Rhea


Jupiter = Zeus

Jove = Zeus

Neptune = Poseidon

Pluto = Hades

Juno = Hera

Vesta = Hestia

Ceres = Demeter

Mars = Ares

Minerva = Athena

Vulcan = Hephaestos

Apollo = Apollo

Diana = Artemis

Venus = Aphrodite

Mercury = Hermes

Bacchus =Dionysus

Proserpine = Persephone

In addition, a few mortals change names.

Hercules = Heracles

Ulysses = Odysseus