Vampire in Brooklyn


Summary: The film stars Eddie Murphy as Maxmillian theVampire and Angela Bassett as Rita, an unsuspecting rookie copwho is half vampire. Maxmillian comes to New York to find Ritawho is the only vampire left from his tribe originally from theBermuda Triangle. He arrives on a large ship that crushes severalboats and docks. It also runs through a building in which Julius(Kadeem Hardison) and his uncle are making bets. Julius is followedby Maxmillian and he saves him from some loan sharks that wantto collect their money. Julius is made into Maxmillian’s ghoul,or slave. Rita and Justice, her partner, arrive at the docksto investigate the ship, and find that all of the crew are deadand drained of blood. Rita goes inside the boat and finds a coffin;she looks inside and sees herself. When she tries to show thisto her partner it has disappeared. Justice finds a ship’s logwith strange writing so they take it to Dr. Zeko, a writing specialist. He tells them that the writing is from the islands in the BermudaTriangle. Meanwhile Maxmillian has moved into Julius’s apartmentand is intent on finding Rita so he can make her into a full vampire. They find her at a club, and he wins her trust by saving herfrom a cobra. Julius messes up the scheme by telling Rita thatMax is warm for her form. Max follows her home, and seduces herroommate, then kills her. Rita has gone to a nearby church tofigure things out, and she talks to a preacher, who is reallyMax since he has killed the preacher and assumed his form. Thepreacher gives a sermon on the lawn that tells the congregationthat evil is good. Rita and Justice go to an Italian restaurantto talk to the mob. Max appears in the form of a mob gopher,and Rita apprehends him. She is suspended for not working wellwith her partner. Max follows her from the department, and savesher from being hit by a car. They agree to go on a date at hisapartment. While she is there he bites her and begins her transformationinto a vampire. The next day Justice comes over and she and Justiceare about to make love when she begins to act like a vampire. She goes to Max to confront him, and he tells her that herfather was a vampire. Justice, in the meantime has gone to Dr.Zeko’s to find out about vampires. He says Max must be killedbefore Rita has her first taste of blood, or it won’t be reversed. They go to Max’s apartment. Rita is able to kill Max and sheis again herself. Julius the ghoul becomes a vampire as a rewardfor his duties as a ghoul.

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