Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans



Page contents by Dannial Huang, English 338, November 2009.

Notes: Sketch Film Company, 92 minutes.
Lucian: Michael Sheen
Viktor: Bill Nighy
Sonja: Rhona Mitra

Directed: Patrick Tatopoulos

Summary: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans begins with a back-story about how the Lycans were created. [See Underworld.] Lucian was a human, born from a werewolf, the first of a new breed called Lycans. Seeing Lucian, Viktor, leader of the vampire clan, decided to spare his life and use Lucian to his advantage. Viktor began taking humans to Lucian, having him change them into Lycans. The vampires began enslaving Lycans to use them for protection. Lucian was always protected by Viktor, because Lucian was his favorite. Viktor also had a daughter named Sonja. Lucian and Sonja were secretly in love and would meet with each other.

Viktor had human nobles visiting the castle. The vampires sent out an escort and Sonja went with them against her father’s wishes. As they reached the humans, the werewolves began to attack. The vampires are vastly outnumbered and quickly losing the battle. Sonja soon becomes under duress and Lucian comes to her rescue. Lucian takes off his shackle and changes in to a werewolf stopping all the other werewolves from attacking. After the werewolves leave, Viktor shows up and is displeased with both Lucian and Sonja.

Lucian receives lashings and is sent to the dungeons. One of the vampires finds out that Sonja is secretly in love with Lucian. Sonja finds out and makes a deal with him: to give up her seat on the head council for the freedom of Lucian. Sonja tells Lucian when the escape is going to take place and he plans for it. Lucian rallies the other Lycans in the dungeon. The night of the escape comes and they fight their way out having only a few make it out alive. Lucian tells the others that they must regroup and gather up strength to rescue the others. They attack surrounding vampire towns and collect their weapons.

Viktor finds out that Sonja is in love with Lucian and arrests her. Sonja’s maid brings news to Lucian that Sonja is locked up and waiting trial. Lucian goes to the castle to try and save Sonja by himself. In their near escape Sonja reveals that she is pregnant with a hybrid vampire and lycan baby. Sonja is sentenced to death and Lucian receives lashings. Both of them are chained up facing each other, and Lucian watches as the roof slowly opens to expose that sun. Sonja burns and dies right in front of Lucian. In Lucian’s rage he nearly escapes again, but this time before he is taken back the lycans begin to storm the castle. Viktor tries to escape, but is followed by Lucian. They have a one-on-one battle that ends with Lucian standing alone. However, Viktor is seen alive being put in to a coffin at the end of the movie.

Commentary: The werewolves in this movie are more animal-like than human. They are bloodthirsty and have more of an animal instinct. The werewolves travel in a pack like wolves do in real life. However, there are two types of werewolves in this movie. There are the werewolves who can not change from human to beast and are permanently in beast form. Then there are the lycans that are created that can change from beast to man. Also unlike other traditional werewolf movies, the werewolves are fighting against vampires instead of hunting humans.

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