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A Message from Scott Webster

On 28 February 2006, Scott Webster wrote to me:


My name is Scott Webster and I am a young, Irish photographer currently on travels through Australia and Southeast Asia. I have been happy reader of your site, and also have a very keen interest in the possibility of Dinosaurs still living amongst us today.

Finding myself now in a position with the time and will as well as being relatively geographically close; I have been particularly interested in the sighting in the East new Britain island of Papua New Guinea (see http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/03/12/1078594554726).

Researching this sighting doesn’t seem to turn up much information, which seems strange as it also seems to be a relatively accessible area. My hope is to be able to do a follow-up story, include many pictures of the area, and look for any more evidence that suggests existence, as well as re-interviewing some of the mentioned eye-witnesses.

I am limited in the amount of time that I can spend on organising and carrying out this project, and extremely limited in funding…. I hope to set up a website on my return showing all the information that I found. For funding, I will be looking for companies (both local and global) to advertise on the site in faith that it will be successful enough to be worth the money that they are going to spend.

Would you consider linking to the site upon completion to support the story and provide more hits to attract sponsors? Of course, this can be revised upon completion depending on the quality and content of the site but for now, I would like to be able to hope for your future interest.

. . .

Many thanks for your time in this matter, and if you have any advice on raising funds, that would be extremely welcome too.

Scott Webster — info@scottwebster.co.uk