Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English


Scream (1996)

Starring Neve Campbell, SkeetUlrich, Courteney Cox, Drew Barrymore.

Plot: Serial killers are loose in a small town. Several nubile teensare slaughtered, and Campbell, a girl with a traumatic past, mustcome to grips with the one-year anniversary of her mother’s brutalmurder. She must also deal with Ulrich, her horny boyfriend,and Cox, a sleazy tabloid reporter who is still investigatingCampbell’s mother’s death. Can Campbell break the cardinal rulesof slasher flick survival and unmask the serial killer withoutlosing her life?

Contributing Genres: Comedy, High School Psychodrama, Mystery, and Slasher.

Dialogue: The script is simple, lingo-filled high-school speak. The humoris not in the dialogue, but in the incredible stupidity of thecharacters.

Monster Type: A cheaply-costumed psychopath with a 12-inch blade on the loose.

Gore Factor: This movie is not for the squeamish; the blood is plentiful andthe stab wounds are inventive, to say the least. Lots of internalorgans are misplaced.

Scariness/Suspense: It’s SCARY and it inspires extreme phobias of answering the telephonewhen you’re alone in the house.

Target Audience: Anybody who can appreciate immature humor and slasher clichéswith a feminist bent should see this.

Contemporary Horror