Once Bitten


Starring Lauren Hutton
Mark: Jim Carrey
Robin: Karen Kopins
Sebastian: Cleavon Little.

Summary: Countess, a vampiric femme fatale, must suckthe blood of three virgin studs in order to retain her youthfulbeauty. Mark, a sexually frustrated college boy, catches hereye. Will Markget into his girlfriend’s pants before Countessgets into his?

Dialogue: Badly written and poorly delivered . . . butpretty entertaining at 2 am.
Vampires: Traditional or Not? Well, she’s female. Andshe likes to take her blood from the inner thigh, NOT the neck. “Button-biting” is also a passion.
Vampires: Physical Appeal: If you find a gap-toothed vampattractive, this is your show. She’s an undead Jezebel.
Gore Factor: Not gory at all; even the thigh-biting doesn’tyield any blood.
Scariness/Suspense: Not. Not scary, not suspenseful,and not funny. Most importantly, NOT entertaining.
Target Audience: Even Jim Carrey groupies (the morons)might want to think twice.

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