Just Cause

Just Cause (1995)

Starring Sean Connery, LaurenceFishburne, Blair Underwood, Ed Harris, Kate Capshaw.

Plot: Underwood, a convicted murderer on death row, enlists the helpof Connery, a renowned criminal law professor, to reopen the investigationof Underwood’s case. Connery, following clues given by serialkiller Harris, successfully proves that there is reasonable doubtof Underwood’s guilt and Underwood is released. Connery gainsthe enmity of the local police and soon realizes that he may haveacted rashly. Will Connery’s mistake prove fatal for his wifeand daughter?

Contributing Genres: Psychodrama, Mystery, and Thriller-Suspense.

Dialogue: The script is unoriginal and lessens the impact of the actualstory.

Monster Type: Homicidal maniacs who carry grudges.

Gore Factor: A few highly explicit photos and flashes of decaying corpsesprovide the requisite (and gratuitous) carnage.

Scariness/Suspense: The last thirty minutes provide white-knuckle suspense. Thepremise of the movie is scary.

Target Audience: Anyone who will enjoy a mainstream thriller-mystery should rentthis on the cheapie deal night.

Contemporary Horror