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Day of the Dead


All notes and summary below by Chris Fischer (1998).

Notes: 91 minutes.
Sarah: Lori Cardille
John: Terry Alexander
Rhodes: Joe Pilato
McDermock: Jarlath Conroy
Miguel: Antone Dileo
Logan: Richard Liberty
Bub: Howard Sherman
Steel: G. Howard Klar
Rickels: Ralph Marrero
Fisher: John Amplas
Miller: Phillip G. Kellams
Torrez: Taso N. Stavrakis
Johnson: Gregory Nicotero

Directed: George A. Romero
Produced: Richard P. Rubinstein
Story: George A. Romero

This is George Romero’s third entry in the Dead Trilogy, a continuingstory where the entire world is infected with a disease that causesthe dead to come back to life and seek human flesh.

Here, most of the world’s population has been overrun by zombiesroaming the streets. A group of scientists assisted by soldiersare trying to find a way to overcome the growing forces of walkingdead. Throughout the movie is a conflict of interest betweenthe scientists, trying to eliminate the zombies with chemicals,and the soldiers, who just want to blow them all away.

The situation becomes worse when the soldiers discover that oneof the scientists has been using dead soldiers for his experiments. This causes the remaining soldiers to retaliate and kill of someof the scientists. The others are thrown into a zombie-filledtunnel and left for dead. The zombies get the best of the soldierswhen they find a way to get into the bunker. After many scenesof intense gore, only three people make it out alive. These luckypeople fly their helicopter to a far off island, safe from anyzombie confrontation.

This is another excellent movie by George Romero. Any gore fanwill find enjoyment in watching the scenes where people are tornapart alive.

Beer Factor: 3

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