Michael Delahoyde
Washington State University

[I was temporarily scheduled to teach English 383, the Chaucer class, Fall 2003; so a substantial web site was planned over the next year. Chaucer was my area of specialization in graduate school and my dissertation focused on Troilus and Criseyde. Chaucer Review published a much revised chapter of that as an article in 2000. I suppose the site here is indefinitely delayed though.]

In the meantime, here is a prize-winning “Effusion on Chaucer” by Dame Smyth-Tethers(Surrey Catch-All, June 1883):

Geoffrey Chaucer, sturdy son of English soil, a skylark soaring over the plodding mind of man, casts his joyous essence on Britannia’s bosom! His was a spirit unrestrained by the world ever too much with us. His cool breath transpired like Zepherus sweetly over meadows, dales and forests, like the cuckoo at first sign of spring. Oh to have been in England then, when April was there! His tales of merry innocent rustics and knights, merry widows from Bath and holy nuns and monks, gay squiers of a romantic age long gone, ambling and cavorting ahorse to Canterbury, calling stories to each other, have ever held those young at heart with a poetic ­­ as our beloved Mr. Tennyson would say ­­ “glittering eye!” Ah Geoffrey, ever wear your heart upon your sleeve, remain thou ever, in the words of Mr. Pope, “a sylvan bridegroom of happiness and Joy“! Let the critical curfew never toll your passing day, for if it did, t’would take with it, a piece of me!

The Book of the Duchess

The House of Fame

“The Complaint of Mars”

The Parliament of Fowls

Troilus and Criseyde

The Legend of Good Women

The Canterbury Tales

The General Prologue

The Knight’s Tale

The Miller’s Prologue and Tale

The Reeve’s Prologue and Tale

The Cook’s Prologue and Tale

The Man of Law’s Introduction, Prologue, Tale, and Epilogue

The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale

The Friar’s Prologue and Tale

The Summoner’s Prologue and Tale

The Clerk’s Prologue and Tale

The Merchant’s Prologue, Tale, and Epilogue

The Squire’s Introduction and Tale

The Franklin’s Prologue and Tale

The Physician’s Tale

The Pardoner’s Introduction, Prologue, and Tale

The Shipman’s Tale

The Prioress’ Prologue and Tale

The Prologue and Tale of Sir Thopas

The Tale of Melibee

The Monk’s Prologue and Tale

The Nun’s Priest’s Prologue, Tale, and Epilogue

The Second Nun’s Tale

The Canon’s Yeoman’s Prologue and Tale

The Manciple’s Prologue and Tale

The Parson’s Prologue and Tale

Chaucer’s Retraction

The Riverside Chaucer. 3rd. ed. by Larry D. Benson. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1987. ISBN 0-395-29031-7