Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Research and Writing Presentation

Honors English 298
Washington State University
Delahoyde — Fall 2014

Presentation of Your Work

Check the syllabus from December 3rd through December 10th for your initials, designating the date you were awarded in the lottery before the break or that you got slated for if you skipped that class period.

On that day, you will present before the class the central material of your research project in a 5-8 minute format, as if you were presenting at a professional or academic conference (or at the senior Honors project event). You are encouraged to make the presentation more engaging with the use of multi-media options; but realize that just as with real events, should the technology fail you, you must nevertheless press on. There will be no re-scheduling.

Recognize that you cannot present your entire paper. The reason this is another final assignment rather than just another portion of the project is that I recognize that it is significantly different work to transform the previous kind of written project into something that will engage a live audience. So with only the essential context, cut to the chase, intrigue us, show us something compelling, and feel okay to leave us wanting (to know) more. The time limit will be strictly enforced; operating otherwise is discourteous to other presenters.

One other matter: unlike what is assumed at just about every conference or presentation I have attended in my life, and not to use the forbidden “f” word in academia, but could you actually try to make this “fun”?

December 3-10, 2014 — 10:10 am.