Research and Writing Assignment 1

Honors English 298
Washington State University
Delahoyde — Fall 2012

Edited Mini-Essay

This is a required assignment involving your recent research mini-essay. Unlike an actual “revision” (and Ballenger distinguishes between the two in Chapter 5 of The Curious Researcher), your task here does not involve rethinking the topic, the research itself, the organization, nor the larger strategies of the paper. This task merely consists of editing the presentation of the work: “correcting” technical matters of grammar; spelling; punctuation and mechanics; wordings and phrasings; typographical errors; and the formatting of documentation, including correct in-text citation and bibliographical precision. Stylistic work should address repetitious wording, transitions, passive voice constructions, imprecision in phrasing, and matters of tone (such as inappropriate informality).

The grade in the book for this edited version will replace the previous mini-essay grade if you turn in both the previous graded “draft” of the essay with my markings on it along with the new, clean, glorious, glowing, radiant version of the manuscript.

Due Date: Monday, 15 October 2012 — 9:10 am.