Reader Comments

What readers say about
Harlequin romance fiction…

“You’re #1.”
A.H. Hattiesburg, Missouri

“Thank you for the many hours of lovely
enjoyment you have given me.”
M.M. Schaumburg, Illinois

“The books are so good that I have to
read them all the way through before
being able to go to sleep at night.”
N.Q. Newark, California

“Thanks for many happy hours.”
M.L. Milville, New Jersey

“Harlequin books are the doorway to
E.W. Hawthorne, California

“They are quality books–down-to-earth
reading! Don’t ever quit!”
G.F. Buffalo, Minnesota

“A pleasant escape from the pressures
of this world.”
C.T. Hickory, North Carolina

“Keep them coming! They are still the
best books.”
R.W. Jersey City, New Jersey

Names available upon request

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