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Dr. Michael Delahoyde
Washington State University

English 205 — Spring 2018
Course Description

The Authorship Controversy by Melissa Deckman



Biography and the Authorship Controversy

The Life of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford

Shakespeare and Popular Culture

Shakespeare and Italy



Assignments & Exams

Homework & Exam Advice




Critical Thinking

Sample Writings

Works Cited

An Oxfordian Bibliography


Renaissance Sonnets

Shake-speare’s Sonnets

Venus and Adonis

The Rape of Lucrece

Other Poetry

Shakespeare and Music



The Comedy of ErrorsI II III IV V

[The Taming of A Shrew]

The Taming of the ShrewI II III IV V

The Two Gentlemen of VeronaI II III IV V

Love’s Labor’s LostI II III IV V

[Love’s Labour’s Won]

A Midsummer Night’s DreamI II III IV V

The Merchant of VeniceI II III IV V

The Merry Wives of WindsorI II III IV V

Much Ado About Nothing I II III IV V

As You Like It I II III IV V

Twelfth Night I II III IV V

Troilus and Cressida I II III IV V

All’s Well That Ends Well I II III IV V

Measure for Measure I II III IV V


[The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth]

[Edmund Ironside I II III IV V]

Henry the Sixth, Part 1

Henry the Sixth, Part 2

Henry the Sixth, Part 3

[The True Tragedy of Richard the Third]

Richard the Third I II III IV V

[Edward the Third I II III IV V]

[The Troublesome Raigne of John]

King John I II III IV V

[Thomas of Woodstock I II III IV V]

Richard the Second I II III IV V

Henry the Fourth, Part 1 I II III IV V

Henry the Fourth, Part 2 I II III IV V

Henry the Fifth I II III IV V

Henry the Eighth

[Sir Thomas More]


Titus Andronicus I II III IVV

[Romeus and Juliet]

Romeo and Juliet I II III IVV

[Locrine I II III IVV]

[Arden of Faversham I II III]

[The Spanish Tragedy I II III IV]

Julius Caesar I II III IVV


Othello I II III IV V

[King Leir]

King Lear I II III IV V

Macbeth I II III IV V

Antony and Cleopatra I II III IV V

Coriolanus I II III IV V

Timon of Athens I II III IV V


Pericles I II III IV V

Cymbeline I II III IV V

The Winter’s Tale I II III IV V

[The Two Noble Kinsmen I II III IV V]


[The Birth of Merlin]

The Tempest I II III IV V

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