Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Shakespeare: Exam 2

English 305 — Summer 2010
Washington State University



This final chore covers the last three plays of our semester: 1 Henry IV, Julius Caesar, and Much Ado About Nothing.

I. IDENTIFICATIONS. [Total 26 points; answer 13 for 2 points each.]

The same as before: maybe fill in the blank: “Beware the ides of ______”; or identify who wants to teach a bird to squawk “Mortimer!” — that kind of question. This “merry war” will take place during the scheduled class period: Friday, July 30th.

II.QUOTATIONS. [Total 50 points; answer 10 for 5 points each.]

A combination of identification and, more importantly, significance questions will follow quotations from the last three plays, extracted for their representativeness of our discussions over key points these final weeks. Once again, if you read the plays and paid attention in class, only a close review of notes is necessary for preparation. My website notes may be of use also.
It is advisable that you convert all your sounds of woe into hey nonny nonny.

III.TAKE-HOME ESSAY. [Total 24 points.]

Answer the following question thoroughly and precisely, and aim for about (2) pages, double-spaced. Answers should be virtuoso pieces of brilliance manifested in impressive eloquence, with facile reference to specifics from the Shakespearean texts where appropriate.

Is Shakespeare, in a sense, “much ado about nothing”?

The essay is due on exam day to accompany the other in-class components of the final exam.
Our revels then are ended.
The rest is silence.