Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Michael Delahoyde

Michael Delahoyde
Clinical Professor of English
Washington State University My So-Called Résumé

[The essentials follow in abbreviated form.]

B.A., English — Vassar College, the ’80s.
B.A., Music — Vassar College, the same ’80s.
M.A., English — University of Michigan, the mid-’80s.
Ph.D., English — University of Michigan, the very late ’80s.
Post-Doc., Rage — University of Hard Knocks, the dismal ’90s.

Expertises: Heretical Shakespeare, Chaucer, Popular Culture, Herpephobia, Vegetarian Cooking, Monster Films, All My Children, Red Wines, Jaunty ’30s Piano Music, Apostrophes, Housework.

The Hollywood Squares
God bless Peter Marshall and the Hollywood Squares.

Arbitrary Linkwarp
Do not click here. You’ll be lost and sorry.

The Frog Page
Forget it, amphibian enthusiasts; this is devoted to my late deaf dalmatian named Frog.

The bottom line: what I truly believe.

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