Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Vampire’s Kiss


Notes: 103 minutes.
Starring Nicholas Cage, Jennifer Beals, Maria Conchita Alonso,Elizabth Ashley.

Summary: Successful literary agent and self-obsessed NewYork yuppie Peter Loew is bitten by his sultry date, Rachel, andbelieves he is a vampire. His progressive mental deteriorationparallels his transformation into vampiredom. Will Peter succumbto his undead tendencies?

Dialogue: Disjointed and incomprehensible lines make thismovie a trial to watch.
Vampires: Traditional or Not? Rachel, the vampy seductress,can only fulfill her bloodlust when she’s topless and in panties. Peter requires a $3.50 pair of plastic fangs to indulge his bloodthirstyurges.
Vampires: Physical Appeal: Peter needs serious psychiatrichelp, and it shows. You would run away from a freak like this.
Gore Factor: Although there is much implied violence,little blood is shed.
Scariness/Suspense: The only suspense comes from waitingfor the real story to unfold.
Target Audience: Bored, intoxicated, or unconscious viewersmight find this to be a hoot. Those cooped up in a Turkish prisonfor at least five years will love this flick.

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