Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English




Notes: Orion Pictures. 118 minutes.
Erica: Lesley-Anne Down
Ministry of Antiquities Jerk: Frank Langella
?: Maurice Ronet
Shop Owner Abdul: John Gielgud

Produced: Stanley O’Toole
Directed: Franklin J. Schaffner (directed Patton)
Screenplay: John Byrum
Based on the Novel by: Robin Cook (author of Coma)
Music: Michael J. Lewis

Summary: We see a jackal. In 1301 bce at the Valley of Kings a tomb-robbery is interrupted by the officials and four thieves are questioned, drawn, and quartered. The idea from now on is to place a curse on all who enter tombs.

Anthropologist Erica Baron comes across a clue that may point towards a lost royal tomb. But the rest of the plot is impossible to follow. Shop owner Abdul (Gielgud) is killed, the balck market is involved, shootings take place, and all as an excuse to show Egyptian tourist sites. The widow of one of Howard Carter’s foremen from the Tut days is tracked down and we find a papyrus in a shovel handle. Anyway, she discovers the tomb and the Minstry of Antiquities guy she had a one-night stand with turns out to be the nephew of the corrupt mastermind bad guy who played among the tombs as a child. He dies in a cave-in and she escapes.

Commentary: The filmmakers received “special permission” to film the treasures of Tutankhamen, and the ads note the “eye-dazzling landmarks of ancient Egypt” — indications that some Egyptian tourist bureau is more responsible for this film than any lucid screenwriter.

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