Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Planet of the Vampires


Starring Angel Aranda, Norma Bengell, Evi Marandi, Barry Sullivan,Alberto Cevenini.

Summary: Unwitting space travellers stumble upon a planetinfested with parasitic monsters from another dimension. Willthey escape the mind-snatching powers of these evil life-forms?

Dialogue: English translation of an already lacking Italianscript. Full of woodenly delivered forgettable lines.
Vampires:Traditional or Not? NOT. Not one drop of bloodis sucked in this movie. These “vampires” are actually”Night of the Living Dead” extras in black vinyl spacesuits.
Vampires: Physical Appeal: Soft-looking Italians pouredinto vinyl jumpsuits, with hair that withstands crash-landings,beatings, death and burial in extremely hot space soil. Yourheart won’t skip any beats.
Gore Factor: Minimal, by today’s standards. A burnedface surely indicates posthumous alien possession. However, thebiggest mystery of the movie is the travellers’ causes of death.
Scariness/Suspense: A few white-knuckle moments breakthe monotony of endless planet exploration.
Target Audience: Definitely MST3K material.

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