Planet of the Dino-Knights



Rob Maine, responsible for special effects for dozens of science fiction movies and television shows between 1970 and 1995, contacted me because of this website. He says, “I was involved in several dinosaur projects over the years although most died in dinosaur development hell. My very last film industry job was animating a tyrannosaurus and a triceratops for a movie called Planet of the Dino-Knights. I believe it was one of the last dinosaur films to use stop-motion shot on 35mm film using my 1928 Mitchell camera.”

He adds, Planet of the Dino-Knights was released direct-to-video by the same guys who made Prehysteria so it is not exactly classicÊquality stuff, but then very few dino movies were. I only had four weeks to shoot the whole thing…. It was a very interesting time because very few people were equipped and capable of doing these kinds of films and it was possible to know just about everyone in the business who was involved in them and spend hours talking about the whole genre with the guys who created it. My biggest regret is that I did not meet Willis O’Brien, but I did spend hours talking with Marcel Delgado and that was almost as good since he worked so closely with O’Brien on his greatest films.”

Thanks, Rob!