Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Student Credits

The Monster Scholars: 1998

These are the Washington State University Honors students
and their primary contributions to this site.

Gulalai Ahad–VampireFilms, Links.

Melissa Alles–Cryptozoology; Film Lists for Animals and Insects, Dolls of Death, Freaky Weird Things, Godzilla, Cannibals; Commentary on Horror and Beowulf; Werewolf and Animal Film Reviews.

Greg Duncan–FrankensteinCommentary; Images and Links; Vampire Materials.

Chris Fischer–TheZombies Site.

Meralee Jones–VampireFilms, Links; Godzilla Materials.

Katherine S. McCartney–Monstersin Classical Mythology; The Fly Films.

Brodie McClain–TheMonsters of Beowulf; Kong material.

Katharine Nelson–VampireFilm Summaries, Links; Anne Rice.

Patrick Nelson–Front Page Materials; Jekyll and Hyde Commentary.

Ryan Parkinson–Werewolves Commentary and Materials.

Carolyn Terpstra–TheAliens Site; The Witches Site.

Kyle West–Werewolves Commentary and Materials.

Charlotte Yeomans–VampireFilm Reviews; Contemporary Horror.

Jen Young–Vampire Film Reviews; Contemporary Horror.