Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Monsters: Latter Exam

English 338 — Fall 2009
Washington State University

TYRANNOFINAL REX [“The unknown is up against us on every side.”]

I. IDENTIFICATIONS. [Total 26 points.]

The same as before: maybe match Column A with Column B; or identify a Piltdown hoax suspect; or identify “the manliest game we have left” — that kind of question. These questions will be inflicted individually and intracerebrally during the scheduled exam class period: December 4th.

II. QUOTATIONS. [Total 50 points; answer 10 for 5 points each.]

A combination of identification and, more importantly, significance questions will follow quotations from the works of the latter half of the semester, extracted for their representativeness of our discussions over key points these weeks. This time, for this section of the exam, you may form human groups of your own natural selection and size, spending time with your fellow Accalas (but beware of infernal leech-demons and don’t let yourself get stuck with a bunch of Dodas) to win your final “allotted place” of plateau dominance!

III.TAKE-HOME ESSAY. [Total 24 points.]

Answer the following question thoroughly and precisely, and aim for about two (2) pages, double-spaced. The essay should be a virtuoso piece of brilliance manifested in impressive eloquence, with facile reference to specifics from the texts where appropriate.

The late mythologist Joseph Campbell says of monsters:

you could be a local god, but for the people whom that local god conquered, you could be the enemy. Whether you call someone a hero or a monster is all relative to where the focus of your consciousness may be.

Discuss this cultural perspective as it relates to a few of the “monsters” we have examined in the second half of the semester.

DUE: Most felicitous would be for you to bring this essay to class with you on exam day, and you would be completely done with coursework on December 4th. But I will continue accepting them up to 10:00 am, Monday, December 14th, at 355 Avery (under my door if I am not in) or by e-mail (but be sure to get confirmation of receipt back from me). One second after 10:00 am on Monday, December 14th, and tough luck, Winky, no matter what. Why press your luck? Get the thing done early.

“It needed a robust faith in the end to justify such a tragic means.”

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