Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Jacqueline Hyde (2005)


Jackie Hyde: Gabriella Hall
Jacqueline: Blythe Metz
Dan: Jim Patneaude
Becky: Rebekah Ellis
Carl: James Ferris
Arthur: Delpano Wills

Directed: Rolfe Kanefsky
Written: Rolfe Kanefsky

Summary: An inventor/magician who will turn out to be the ancient Dr. Jekyll takes a giggling drunken girl home and startles her with spider and doll art. During sex, he experiences distortion and greenness. He staggers off and soon she finds him as a dessicated mummy.

Jacqueline “Jackie” Hyde gets fired from her job as a telemarketer for a cosmetics firm when she loses her temper with a snotty customer. But she immediately finds out she has inherited an estate from her grandfather from her father’s side of the family. (Her mother raised her alone.) Philip Clark shows her her new home with all its demon art. Bored and lonely, Jackie visits a strip club, watches tv porn, and sees neighbors having sex. In her house, she finds some chemicals glowing red and smelling like fruit punch. She accidentally spills some in her wine. Experiencing some agony, she sees in the mirror that she looks like the neighbor woman. She faints. Jackie wakes up and dismisses it as “just a dream.” But a black guy is in her bed. He assumes he spent the night with her blonde sister, and she chases him outside, where he sees the neighbor woman, approaches her, and gets slapped. Jackie now remembers picking him up. She investigates the formula a bit and finds out it supposedly has shape-shifting powers. She wants to be 2 inches tallers and it happens. She sees an ostensibly glamorous woman in a magazine ad for cosmetics and turns into her. In this form she jogs by Philip and teases him. In agony and perhaps about to transform back, she drinks more formula behind a tree, asks for only pleasure in this body, and goes orgasmic.

Later she sees the neighbors fighting and transforms into the guy, meeting neighbor Becky and pretending to be her boyfriend apologizing. She thus experiences sex as a man but ends up hurting Becky. Jackie audiotapes herself about the dangers of the drug: that it changes more than the outside of one. She tries to destroy the formula but can’t. She jogs in her real form and is ignored by men. She sees Philip and talks about his brief encounter with a woman yesterday she says was her sister, Jacqueline. Philip gives her his card with cell-phone number on the back which she thinks is for her “sister.” When Philip visits the house, Jackie, with the help of the magazine, transforms into Jacqueline and becomes predatory until a phone call gives Philip the excuse to leave. He suggests dinner, but with sister Jackie too. A frustrated Jacqueline calls for pizza, but wants the pizza delivery boy.

Philip works with the black guy and they discuss the Hyde sisters, though who’s the blonde one? Jacqueline wants sex so rough with the pizza boy that she impales his hand on the bed post. She vomits and transforms back, but has a discussion with herself in the mirror. “They” killed him, and Jacqueline enjoyed it.

Philip double-checks: yep, Jackie was an only child. Jacqueline tries to seduce the neighbor guy, but he won’t drink the formula she tries to give him so that she’ll have someone to keep up with her. He doesn’t want to cheat on his girlfriend, so Jacqueline transforms into her, and he runs. “I think I’m becoming a god,” she remarks. After his attempt to escape through gates, she rips off his head. Jacquline tries to convince Jackie that regular men are useless and that they need “someone like us.” Jacqueline goes to the strip club and pays for a lap dance, but she somehow sucks the woman dry and leaves a mummy. Meanwhile, Philip has gone to the Hyde house and sees a corpse. Jackie exists only in the mirror now, and Jacqueline finds new sensations to be like bursts of energy. Philip receives a call that seems to be from a frightened Jackie wanting to meet him at his office with no cops. Jacqueline gets into the building by killing a security guy with her breasts. To Philip, she badmouths Jackie as not one of the powerful and beautiful people. “You are a monster,” says Phil. He wants to see Jackie. With a momentary flickering transformation attempt, Jackie warns Philip that Jacqueline means to harm him. Jacqueline tries pushing the drink, but in agonies, she drinks it herself, at which point Jackie has no power to control her. Philip runs and hides but Jacqueline finds him and pushes him down on a table, forcing him to drink the formula. Sex involves various morphings until the two bodies — Jackie/Jacqueline’s and Philip’s — meld.

Three months later Philip learns that with the vanishing of the Hyde sisters, the house will probably be his. They will “always be a part of me.” His face goes through a quick series of morphs.

Commentary: I don’t get it. What’s our final perspective? What did this comment upon?

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