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Professor of English

Evil Dead II


All notes and summary below by Chris Fischer (1998).

Notes: 84 minutes.
Ash: Bruce Campbell
Annie: Sarah Barry
Jake: Dan Hicks
Bobbie Joe: Kassie Welsey
Linda: Denise Bixler

Directed: Sam Raimi
Produced: Robert Tapert
Story: Sam Raimi, Scott Spiegel

This movie is actually a continuation of the first Evil Deadright after the evil force attacks Ash outside the cabin. Thesequel begins with Ash becoming possessed by the evil force, buthe is saved by the sun rising and is returned to human form.

Ash tries to leave the cabin but the bridge has been destroyedby the evil force, so he’s trapped once again in the cabin. Whennight falls, Ash’s girlfriend rises from her grave and bites him. He has to place her head in a vice and carve it up with a chainsawin order to destroy her. Unfortunately the bite he received wasenough to possess his hand. The only way Ash is able to stopthe evil force from completely possessing his body is to severhis hand.

As the movie progresses, the daughter of the professor from thefirst Evil Dead arrives at the cabin with her boyfriendand a couple of locals try to find the remains of her father’swork. As in the previous movie, everybody is possessed and thendismembered except for Ash and the professor’s daughter, who hasbrought along more pages of the Book of the Dead. Luckily, thesepages contain the incantation necessary to stop the evil force. The professor’s daughter just barely translates the pages andmanages to open a vortex that sends the evil force along withAsh and his car into medieval Europe, surrounded by knights.

This sequel is full of gore and violence like its predecessor. The sequel to this film and the third film in the Evil Dead series is called Army of Darkness.

Beer Factor: 5

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