Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

The Evil Dead


All notes and summary below by Chris Fischer (1998).

Notes: 86 minutes.
Ash: Bruce Campbell
Cheryl: Ellen Sandweiss
Linda: Besty Baker
Scott: Hal Delrich
Shelly: Sarah York

Directed: Sam Raimi
Produced: Robert Tapert
Story: Sam Raimi

The movie begins with five friends driving to a cabin for a vacation. While exploring the basement of the cabin, they discover TheBook of the Dead. Apparently this book can bring about a powerfulevil force which is able to possess people and turn them intowalking corpses. With the book is a tape recording of “theprofessor” who was researching the book and translating itsvarious incantations. By listening to his translation, the evilforce is released in the woods and turns everybody in the cabinexcept for Ash into zombies. As Ash listens to the tape recorder,desperately trying to find a way to stop the evil force, he learnsthat the only way to “kill” a zombie is to dismemberit completely. Ash does this quite well, and actually lives tosee the sun rise. Unfortunately, the evil force makes one lastattack on Ash and the movie ends with a close-up of Ash’s faceas the evil force is about to get him.

This is a good movie for anyone who is in the mood for some finesenseless gore.

Beer Factor: 3

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