Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Army of Darkness

Army of Darkness (1992)

Starring Bruce Campbell, EmbethDavidtz, Ian Abercrombie, Bridget Fonda.

Summary: In this third entry in the Evil Dead series, S-Mart employee Ash (Bruce Campbell) stumbles upon the Necronomicon which, when used with the correct spell, can either raise or vanquish the dead. He is thrown back in time to medieval England (or sothey say) and meets up with warring fiefdoms, who believe himto be the “Chosen One.” Ash and his trusty chainsawhand must quest for the Necronomicon in a spooky graveyard. Heforgets his lines, and wouldn’t you know, the dead come back witha vengeance to reclaim the Necronomicon. Will Ash save theday?

Contributing Genres: Comedy (of the Monty Python variety) and Fantasy

Dialogue: This is a great combination of Monty Python and SaturdayNight Live. Witty one-liners saturate the script.

Monster Type: The “Army of Darkness,” in various stages of decay,plus a few cool demons.

Gore Factor: This movie isn’t particularly gory; the campy special effectscreate the humor.

Scariness/Suspense: This film may be scary to a five-year-old child, but to the averagecollege student, it’s hilarious.

Target Audience: Fans of Monty Python, SNL, and Tales from theCrypt should love this flick.

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