Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy



Notes: Rapid Heart Pictures, 86 minutes.
Don: Jeff Peterson
Norman: Trent Latta
Stacey: Ariauna Albright
Arlando: Russell Richardson
Janine: Michelle Erickson
Morris: Michael Lutz
Professor Cyphers: Brenda Blondell
Scott: Christopher Cullen
The Mummy: Anton Falk

Directed: David DeCoteau
Written: Matthew Jason Walsh
Music: Jared de Pasquale

Summary: Professor Cyphers and her students prepare an Aztec mummy for the grand opening of an archaeological society display. They discuss how odd it was to discover this mummy in an Aztec rain-god temple in Mexico during some highway excavation since the Aztecs did not share the Egyptian notions of the afterlife and mummification was not a procedure for them. Was he a servant to the high priest? Was he mummified while alive? Across the corpse, dorky Norman tries to chat up Stacy. When Norman leaves, Don, a student more interested in paleontology, and the Professor remark on Norman’s social retardation.

Arrogant doofus Morris and more honorable Arlando discuss college and Morris wants Arlando’s help in wooing Janine. Norman informs them of the exhibit being ready and takes some abuse from Morris. Morris steals a bracelet off the corpse to give to Janine, who calls him on his theft but also thinks the crime is “dumb but sweet.” They kiss.

The mummy, lying on a table in a livingroom without any airtight containment, is reanimated by Norman during a storm. Professor Cyphers wanders around with a flashlight even though the lights work. We see the mummy lumbering outside while Norman lies covered on the table. The Professor returns to her office and sips out of a small flask. Norman startles her, claiming to want to help her with corrections to the Aztec translations. She tries to brush him off, at which point he turns nasty and announces that the ancient religion is still alive and that he, like his father, is a high priest, “the last of generations.” The mummy slices Cyphers to death.

Back in the dorms, Morris rankles about the curfew and considers sneaking out of the compound and going into town seven miles away. Instead, the guys decide to have a party at the central building where Morris hopes to uncover a stash of liquor. The mummy peers in the girls’ window and Morris leaves with Janine, inviting Stacy along later as an afterthought. Morris and Janine search for booze and the strange noise is probably just the “central air.” Norman gets the others to head towards the compound, with the stolen bracelet, while the mummy stabs Janine in the back.

Stacy and Arlando wander around. Don and Morris wander around. Then Morris wanders alone. Stacy and Don wander around. Norman and Arlando wander around.

Morris thinks Janine is showering and waits for her in bed, but the mummy kills him while, remotely, Norman has spasms. Don reads Cypher’s translations: “Woe to all who gaze upon this … for here is sealed [something something] end of days.” The mummy seems to be a guardian and “a virgin will spill the first blood.” Stacy appoints herself representative of virgins. Arlando call upon “giant spiders: wherever you are, stay there.” He searches for Norman but discovers the slashes bodies of Janine and Morris. The mummy slashes Arlando.

Stacy waits outside for Scott, but the mummy slices him too. Stacy screams (not the mummy, despite the title), and Norman appears in metallic lamé, threatening Stacy and commanding the mummy to take her to the museum.

Don wanders alone, ranting at Morris. Norman locks him in a room and rants about ritual sacrifice. Don ducks from the mummy’s swipes while Norman elsewhere ties down Stacy. Don punches the mummy and gets his fist caught in the creature’s guts. He escapes into another room and locks himself in, as the mummy pounds futilely at the door, eventually giving up and returning to the site of the ritual. Norman vows that a metaphoric storm will wash the land clear of heretics. Stacy pleads, but pain and blood are required for the god. Norman notes that he was picked on, and although Stacy acknowledges that she likes him, he declares that it’s too late. Don enters, and Norman announces, “Your time on this planet is over. No more frat parties or bullshit for you.” But Norman does need that amulet (the bracelet). Is that what “brought beef-jerky-face back to life?” asks Don, stomping on it. The mummy kills Norman and then fights Don, but Don is able to make the creature stab itself. Don unties Stacy, referring to “too many goddamn movies. No way is this guy coming back to life.” “What happened back there,” whimpers Stacy. Don responds, “I don’t know and I don’t want to know. It’s over.”
And it is!

Commentary: Feh. Amateurish yet with too much production money supplied by someone.

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