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The Day the Earth Stood Still(1951)–An alien visitor warns Earth about its self-destructive ways.
Abbott and Costello Go To Mars(1953)–Comedy about two characters who accidentally blast offin a spaceship to Venus. Why not Mars?
War of the Worlds(1953)–With Gene Barry and Anne Robinson. Mankind tries to defenditself against the Martians’ incredible flying machines and adeath ray.
Invaders from Mars(1953)–Aliens take over minds of small-town citizens.
Killers from Space(1954)–Aliens who look like giant animals and insects plan toconquer Earth.
Target Earth(1954)–Chicago attacked by alien robots from Venus.
This Island Earth (1955)–Scientists abducted by aliens.
Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956)–Humans build rockets to combat against alien UFOs.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers(1956)–Combines outer space terror with Cold War paranoia.
Kronos (1957)–Giganticrobot from UFO absorbs energy from everything around it.
Quatermass II(1957)–Aliens plan to conquer the Earth by using the human bodyand controlling the brain. The launch of the Quatermass nuclearrocket against the aliens saves Earth.
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman(1958)–Alien zaps wealthy woman with a growth ray.
I Married a Monster from Outer Space(1958)–Wife realizes alien has invaded her husband.
The Brain From Planet Arous(1953)–With John Agar; nuclear physicist’s brain taken over.
Plan 9 from Outer Space(1958)–Flying saucers, zombies and cardboard tombstones.
Invisible Invaders(1959)–Aliens occupy bodies of the dead and attack laboratoryscientists.
The Angry Red Planet (1959)–Explorers on Mars menaced by strange beings.


The Cape Canaveral Monsters(1960)–Aliens attempt to sabotage U.S. air space.
The Time Travelers(1964)–Time travelers encounter human aliens and android slaves.
Gigantor(1965) Gigantor robot built to combat aliens.
Harald (1966)–Analien travels to Germany. Film made in Germany.
Retik, the Moon Menace(1966)–(TV) Scientist encounters aliens from the moon intenton taking over Earth.
Bomb Voyage(1967)–The Commissioner is abducted by aliens, taken to theirplanet, and placed in a specimen jar. Two Inspectors follow ina monkey-piloted rocket and are chased around the tiny planetby one of the aliens.
They Came From Beyond Space(1967)–Aliens take over the bodies of Earthlings and transportthem to the moon to be used as slave labor. Hero is immune tothe aliens’ influence.
The Incredible Invasion(1968)–Aliens invade human bodies, become radioactive and startkilling flowers. What horror!
The Monitors(1969)–Earth is taken over by the Monitors, and the film followsthe progress of the human underground rebellion.


The Clangers(1970)–British children’s animation. Knitted aliens live belowsurface of planet.
The Love War(1970)–(TV) Two different alien races at war with each other.
Destination Moonbase Alpha(1976)–(TV) Aliens have telepathic talents.
Aliens From Spaceship Earth(1977)–Tries to prove all great men of the past were actuallyaliens.
End of the World(1977)–Aliens take over the occupants of a convent and plot todestroy Earth.
Laserblast(1978)–Aliens kill other aliens with high-tech laser guns.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers(1978)–Remake of the 1956 sci-fi classic.
Warlords of Atlantis(1978)–Advanced alien race who wants to rule the world live underocean and make slaves of ship-wrecked sailors.
The Alien Encounters(1979)–Investigator searches for a probe sent to Earth by aliens.
Spaced Out(1979)–Low-budget aliens crash-land in England and abduct fourearthlings. Film made in England.


The Day Time Ended(1980)–Aliens visit house that travels back to prehistoric times.
The Gates of Hell(1981)–Opens doors of hell where corpses take over the world.
The Greatest American Hero(1981)–Man visited by aliens and bestowed with superhuman powersto fight the battle against injustice and crime.
E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial(1982)–With Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore. E.T. and youngmoron build relationship.
Liquid Sky(1982)–Invisible aliens in a flying saucer come to Earth lookingfor heroin. Film includes drugs, bisexual lovers, and fashionmodels.
Mysterious Two(1982)–(TV) Two Aliens visit the Earth in an effort to enlisthuman converts to travel the universe with them.
Strange Invaders(1983)–Man meets aliens, sells his story to a tabloid (the FBIdoesn’t believe him), and finds himself chased by the aliens.
Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn(1984)–Aliens invade small town and a group of teenagers tryto escape from them.
Robotech(1985)–Alien battle-fortress crashes on Earth.
Cocoon (1985)–Agroup of aliens return to earth to take back some cocoons of theirpeople.
Explorers(1985)–Alien-obsessed young boy finds aliens.
Aliens (1986)–With Sigourney Weaver.
Galaxy Rangers (1986)–Animation. In the future, two peaceful aliens journeyto Earth seeking help from mankind.
Invaders from Mars(1986)–Aliens from Mars invades town to take over minds of citizens.
Alarming Trends(1987)–Aliens are disguised as sandwiches. Man-eating troutfloat in sky.
Remote Control (1987)–Videostore clerk stumbles into alien plot to take over Earth by brainwashingpeople.
War of the Worlds(1988)–Aliens from the 1953 invasion are brought out of suspendedanimation and start a genocidal war.
Alien Nation(1988)–Aliens integrated in human society become victims of discrimination.
Killer Klowns from Outer Space(1988)–Aliens (who look like circus clowns) invade a small town,and capture and kill the townspeople.
They Live(1988)–Many important members of large city are actually aliensdisguised as humans.
Aliens Next Door(1989)–Children’s animation comedy.


Peacemaker(1990)–A doctor gets caught up in a war between two aliens.
Spaced Invaders(1990)–On Halloween, 4-feet-tall aliens wander around the countrysideand cause mischief like children.
Alien Space Avenger(1991)–Aliens who are escaped prisoners crash-land and take overthe bodies of four locals.
The Borrower(1991)–Aliens punish one of their own by sending him to Earth. Borrows a body.
Alien 3(1992)–With Sigourney Weaver again.
Intruders(1992)–(TV) People report they’ve been visited by aliens, takenaboard spaceships and medically examined. The authorities won’tacknowledge alien visits publicly.
Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America(1992)–In the future, aliens flee their dying planet and takerefuge under the Earth’s surface. Disturbed by 1950s Americanatomic testing, the aliens strike back at the USA.
Coneheads(1993)–Comedy about family of aliens first seen on Saturday NightLive.
Doorways(1993)–(TV) Fugitive from a parallel Earth ruled by aliens, landson “our” Earth.
Fire in the Sky(1993)–Friend abducted by aliens in a UFO. How original!
The Hidden II(1994)–Good alien works with humans to stop the new generationof bad aliens.
Cosmic Slop(1994)–Like twilight zone.
Official Denial(1994)–Man who claims to have been abducted by aliens is alsoabducted by a top secret government agency.
Robert A. Heinlein’s The Puppet Masters(1994)–With Donald Sutherland and Eric Thal. A government muststop the aliens who have landed in a small town and are takingover people’s minds in order to spread their dominion.
Alien Terminator(1995)–DNA experiment creates a deadly man-eating organism capableof regenerating itself.
Backlash: Oblivion 2(1995)–Woman bargains with an alien warlord to control a valuablemineral and rule the galaxy.
The Invaders(1995)–Hero learns his mind is being controlled by human-lookingalien infiltrators intent on taking over the Earth.
Mortal Kombat: The Animated Series(1995)–Mortal Kombat elite fighters must fight off alien intrusionbefore Earth is wasted.
The Arrival(1996)–With Charlie Sheen. Man must prove there are aliens allover the world.
Bureau of Alien Detectors(1996)–Top-secret agency must find and destroy dangerous aliens.
Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys(1996)–Animation. NASA’s space chimp captured by super-intelligentaliens and given a super-IQ boost.
Dark Breed(1996)–Astronaut investigating the crash of a top-secret spaceflight discovers the crew is infected with reptilian parasites.
Femalien(1996)–Female alien sent to Earth to experience sensual experiences.
Independence Day(1996)–Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum save the world from alienson July 4th. World comes together to fight for humanity.
Forbidden Zone: Alien Abduction(1996)–Women discover they were the subjects in an unearthlyexperiment.
Future Fantastic(1996)–Stories about aliens, planet, technology, and UFOs.
It Came from Outer Space II(1996)–Aliens crash-land in small desert town.
Mars Attacks!(1996)–With Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Danny Devito. Short,big-brained aliens from Mars launch an all-out war against Earth.
Night Visitors(1996)–(TV) Scientists work like secret agents to remove alienbody from a lab.
Not of This Earth(1996)–Alien in sunglasses from another galaxy seeks human bloodto survive.
The Silencers(1996)–Human-looking alien killers sent on mission to take overthe Earth.
Specimen(1996)–Man’s late mother was impregnated by aliens, and now they’vesent someone down to bring back their specimen, dead or alive.
Zarkorr! The Invader(1996)–Zarkorr monster sent by aliens to destroy planet.
Alien: Resurrection (1997)–With Sigourney Weaver once again. Will she ever go away?
Contact(1997)–With Jodie Foster. Aliens send message to earth describinghow to build a machine so that humans can communicate with thealiens.
DNA (1997)–An evil scientist’s DNA experiment brings alien creature to life. Frankenstein?
Lift (1997)–Pizza delivery man encounters aliens in the desert. What is he doing there?
Men in Black (1997)–With Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones. Brash NYPD detectives who “protect you from the scum of the earth” specialize in killing extra-terrestrial aliens. Save world after aliens threaten to blow it up.
“Robin Cook’s Invasion” (1997)–(miniseries) Aliens dedicated to transforming every human on Earth. Only a small group of humans remain who have the medical knowledge to devise antibodies to reverse the effects of the alien virus.
The Shadow Men (1997)–Family abducted by aliens. Men in Black theme.
Starship Troopers (1997)–With Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyers, Neil Patrick Harris. War between military and bug aliens.
Deep Rising (1998)–Sea monster who looks like giant squid murders people.
Foiled (1998)–Pizza delivery man is attacked and taken over by couple of aliens that have crash-landed their spacecraft. Watch out pizza delivery men!
Virus (1998)–With Jamie Lee Curtis, William Baldwin, Donald Sutherland. Ship crew murdered by aliens who think of humans as a virus that must be exterminated.
Species 2 (1998)–Mars glop hitches a ride back to earth and makes women give O-section birth instantly.

[Compiled by Carolyn Terpstra]

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