Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Dinosaur TV Shows


Notes: CBS-TV. The Butler family (John, Kim, their son Greg, daughter Katie,and dog Digger) explores the Amazon and a whirlpool sucks themto a prehistoric land with dinos and cavepeople. A baby stegosaurnamed Glump befriends them.

Commentary: How come my family never went exploring uncharted portions ofSouth America? More Spaghettios, Grandma!

LAND OF THE LOST (1974-1978)

Notes: NBC-TV.Ranger Rick Marshall, his brats Will and Holly, and his canoego over a waterfall, but no one dies. They get sucked into atime vortex. Unwisely we follow them. Holly names a baby brontosaurDopey, a triceratops Spike, a baby allosaur Junior, a tyrannosaurGrumpy, a two-headed sea creature Lulu, a flame-breathing dimetrodonTorchy, an adult brontosaur Emily, and an adult allosaur Big Alice. These morons encounter a hirsute tribe of “Pakuni”and an advanced race of “Sleestacks.” After two seasons,Spenser Milligan (who played Rick) bailed. On the show, he waskilled off by an earthquake, and replaced by his brother, UncleJack, who had been searching for them all and was similarly “vortexed.”

Commentary: Reprehensible.