Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

English 370 Midterm Exam
Fall 2023

English 370 — Delahoyde
Washington State University



BIG DAY: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 2023; 1:00 PM

I. IDENTIFICATIONS. [15 questions; total 30 points.]

Maybe match Column A with Column B; or identify the character who was “gentlest, kindest to his people, and most eager for fame”; or identify the author of The Art of Courtly Love — that kind of question. These questions will be inflicted individually and intracerebrally during the scheduled class period. I will email you the questions (both as email text and as a Word doc) by 1:00pm and will expect answers (either format) back by 2:00pm. So put on your thinking tonsures and hope you find favor with Saint Loy, abject sinners!

II. QUOTATIONS. [8 questions; total 40 points.]

Also included in the email will be a combination of identification and, more importantly, significance questions, following quotations from the literature selected for their representativeness of our discussions on key points during these first many weeks. This is not trivial pursuit, and I derive no glee from stumping you; but you do need to recognize key ideas and moments from the works and from our class interactions. If you have spent time with the material and paid attention in class, only a close review of notes is necessary for preparation. Otherwise, you will have but care and woe.
For these first portions of the exam, you may work in coordinated cooperation with another member or two of the class, in which case only one of you should email back to me with other name(s) of the other contributor(s) clearly designated.

III. TAKE-HOME ESSAY. [Total 30 points.]

DO THIS FIRST. This portion of the exam will also be due on exam day, October 13th, 1:00pm, just prior to the emailing of the other questions. You will need to drop an e-copy in the designated Canvas Discussion space by that time or earlier.
Answer the following thoroughly and precisely, in a minimum of three (3) pages, double-spaced. The essay should be a virtuoso piece of brilliance manifested in impressive eloquence, with facile reference to specifics from the medieval literature, properly documented.


All right, fine — although I don’t know why “Why?” isn’t enough of a question….
Here, then: why submerge oneself in medieval English literature?
[It’s like so oooold and weird and I don’t geddit. I couldn’t get into the class I really whannit: YouTube Ads as Literature. So now I hafta read (google) this crap. And Beowulf was stoopit. Like where was shape-shifting Angelina Jolie, right? The only decent part so far was that thing about getting drunk in the mead-hall and those penis riddles. I hate this. I hate my life. Hey, guys, wanna go to Rico’s?]

BIG DAY: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 2023; 1:00 PM