Love in the Arts: Exam 2

Humanities 410 — Summer 2011
Washington State University

Love in the Arts:
Exam 2

I. IDENTIFICATIONS. [Total 26 points.]

Short identification questions from all materials of the latter three weeks of the course may involve matching Column A with Column B; or identifying who “hadn’t dreamed that jungle revolt could be so frightening!”; or naming someone Heathcliff imprisons at Wuthering Heights — that kind of question. This “foolish palaver” will take place during the scheduled class period: Friday, June 17th.

II. QUOTATIONS. [Total 50 points; answer 10 for 5 points each.]

A combination of identification and, more importantly, significance questions will follow quotations from the works and other relevant materials (images, film clips, musical excerpts perhaps), extracted for their representativeness of our discussions over key points during these final weeks. This is not trivial pursuit. If you have read the works and paid attention in class, only a close review of notes is necessary for preparation. My website notes may be of use also. “‘Tis a single Hair — / A filament — a law –“

III. TAKE-HOME ESSAY. [Total 24 points.]

Answer the following question thoroughly and precisely, to about two (2) pages, double-spaced, with reference to an assortment of our works from the latter weeks of class. Answers should be virtuoso pieces of brilliance manifested in impressive eloquence, with facile reference to specifics from the works.

What is the one most important piece of knowledge you learned in this course?
I other words, what facet of Love in the Arts, since the start of this semester, has changed or modified your prior impression of this topic (that is, Love in the Arts, or maybe simply Love)? Or what is the best bit of knowledge that you can apply to life outside the classroom?
What is the significance of this experience?
Beware cliché drivel and sanctimonious drippiness: we’re looking for authentic insight here.
[I am not looking for an early course evaluation here, nor flattery via the course material, but rather a reflective moment on the critical thinking component of this portion of your educational experience at WSU while it is, ideally, still happening.]

This essay is due as a hard-copy at the start of class on exam day: Friday, June 17th, 10:30 am. It will be stapled to the back of the in-class portions of the exam. “I — I think my mind found parting … so unbearable that it didn’t want to remember.”


Identify the character or thing referred to (underlined) in the following.

“I don’t know if it be a peculiarity in me,
but I am seldom otherwise than happy while watching
in the chamber of death.”


She sings, “Ah, perhaps this is he whom my soul
… often delighted to paint in its secret colors!”


“when it was set on its feet, it only
stared round, and repeated over and over again some
gibberish that nobody could understand.”


* * *

* * *

Answer completely but concisely the following.

“[She] pulled his hair heartily; and then went and seated herself
on her husband’s knee, and there they were, like two babies,
kissing and talking nonsense by the hour — foolish palaver
that we should be ashamed of.”

Who is the speaker of this and to whom does it refer?
Why is this passage important to the notion of “romance” in the work?

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