Michael Delahoyde, PhD

Professor of English

Food Class Pix


The class is disgusted but polite when Delahoyde serves up medieval food on trencher breads.

Still, no one dropped (the class nor dead).

Alison, Amanda, and Elisabeth are rightfully pleased with their culinary contributions.

Jessica and Natalie use many sesquipedalian words. We are impressed.

We watch the movie Eating, eating.

Brian I recognize. Is that Vanessa?

And clean-up’s a breeze with Melissa in the Potter kitchen.

Darkness looms as Delahoyde serves up stuffed mushrooms.

Oh, c’mon — they’re not medieval.

Okay: Alison and Kuda, clearly, but is that Dave or Kurt?

Kuda and Amanda: what are those crazy kids up to now?

So what’s more important: the food or people’s heads?